Monday, December 15, 2008

What Do Magnets teach us?

Negative attracts positive my friends and vice versa...

Monday monday monday!

Today is my first Monday outside of the corporate world! I'm so happy.

But there is something on my mind that impedes this overwhelming sense of joy/calm... I know this is supposed to be a nostalgia blog, but I gotta just get this off my chest.

What is up with the human condition??? Sometimes, people just don't know how to act. I'm not gonna get into the details of my strife online, but I would just like to caution my loves to the dangers of subletting an apartment from insane moneyhoarding assholes... I've been engaging with the ridiculosity and just plain CRAZY from a chick who totally cheated me out of tons of money for a rather undelightful little spot. It's all good though: got me out the house, gave me a measure of privacy and taught me a lesson for the future. What it doesn't change, is Karma. So watch homie, because the girl that dicked over Melanie from the summer definitely got hit by a car shortly therafter! And while I don't wish that upon you... I'm just sayin.

Here's Kelis' "Caught Out There" dedicated to this particular non-friend. And while no, she isn't a cheating boyfriend/partner... she is something that I could quite easily scream the chorus of this song at. Among a few others, poss...

new face.

mm. I love Kelis.

I do feel bad marking my ecstatic new day with such a negative theme. So to send you some positivity on this beautiful but windy day, here's a cameo from one of my favorite literary (later television) heroes.

Hey! What a Wonderful Kind of Day! If we can learn to work and play! And get along with eachother!

Check this uhmazing video of my favorite Boys singing the theme song for Arthur... Please excuse Nick's awkward fake Jamaican accent/dancing circa 1:33. Yikes. That shiz is mad terribs. And yet phenomenal.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday is the Last Day, and Then it's

W.E.E.K.E.N.D it's WEEKEND!!!


Happy Friday, my loves! Today is no ordinary Friday. Today is the last day of my life in the corporate world. It lasted 3 months longer than I wanted it to, anyway! I'm feeling really good about this decis, and am hoping that some of the efforts I've released into this world will have their trade-off. And if not, I'm biding my time until the New Year where I have resolved (and I take my resolutions VERY seriously!) to have a job/existence that I am happy with!

NO MORE SETTLING!!! None of us, at any point in our lives, especially in this moment, during the pinnacle of our youth, be held back by things/people that are not worth wasting time and energy on. And let's be for serious for a second, Promas Jefferson's energy is precious. If you can't cut it, then it's not for you!

My apologies to my particular corporate workplace, even though a handful of you over there are sweet and helpful (slash one of you is Middle Sis! Love you!), it doesn't change the fact that on a basic level, in terms of the precise work that you do, I just can't get down! I refuse to be a cog in the system that oppresses brown people! Sorrz. You can keep your $2,000 handbags and search for customers during these economic hardtimes. As for me, I'm taking my months here as perspective-building and moving on, finally earning the discount but proud to have never used it! Holla!

Please join me in my celebrations by groovin' to the beats of MJ "Off the Wall" (- my anthem in these last few weeks of work! So happy!

So tonight
Gotta leave that 9 to 5
Upon the shelf
And just enjoy yourself
Let the madness in the music
Get to you
Life ain't so bad at all
If you're livin off the wall

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mjung jung, Here's all my Mlove love

Hello friend(s)!

I just wanted to announce the arrival, or perhaps more appropriately, the public unvealing of a totes brill addition to the blogosphere from our very own, Melanie Bin Jung.

Jungy (not to be confused with Jung-Hee... bt dubs - Hi Josephine!!!) and I have been besties for a good couple of years now, and through it all we've had a lot of iconic pop culture moments.
From experiencing BOTH Chinatown AND The Godfather at the Wesleyan film series (even though, I sortof unforgivably fell asleep for 10 minutes during Chinatown, womps (x3)), to our forays into the past - David Bowie, Michael Jackson No. 1's, WEST SIDE STORY (despite Mel's consternation toward the musical as a genre), we support and love each other 'till the end!

Please check out her blog: Oh, Wie Schön ist Panama? a fantastic and absolutely mind-boggling exploration into the mind and insights of MBJ. She is at once hilarious, provocative, relevant, informative AND enjoyable. My fave post so far is the one on the ill-fitting suits. The photos are priceless! That's a feat! If I was better at something than googling corny pictures and videos from the nineties, I imagine my output to be something like this wonderfulness.

Enjoy! And to celebrate my love for Melanie and her words - here are a 1000 kisses! As per Luther Vandross. Rest in Peace. I think of you often, Luther.

Never Too Much - Luther Vandross

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

All you need is

Freddy Mercury killin it again... this time at LiveAid '85. My dad loves this song, and I gotta admit, I don't hate it. I wish I was there!!!

Also, killer armband, Fredz. loves it! The video gets kiiiiindof uhmazing circa 4:09. Wait for it.

Happy Birthday RS!!!

For Jillian and Intisar :
(practice your best beatniky spoken word voice, prep the stylized syncopation of perfected prose for performance... and enjoy!)

Raven - Symone.
are a Rave -In
a Raven,
the Night

were little
Olivia :
a wunderkind
in the face of hilarity
Know as
The Cos.

Raven - Symone
with a Y
Sometimes Y
but sometimes
with an accent on
the E
the accent on the E
that I cannot find
on my
Raven - Symone

I love you
and your
Raven - Symone
I love you as the
Cheetah Girls.

HB, Raven-Symoné Christina Pearman
HB at 23!

...and who said poetry is dead?

Monday, December 8, 2008

Throw your hands in the Aiyuh...

...If youza true playa.

Yes. Lyrics from the timeless classic "Big Poppa" by the late great Notorious B.I.G.

This was Biggie's first top 10 hit on U.S. Billboards Charts, released as a single in 1995... it transcended into mainstream media and into the bedrooms of white suburban youth across the country blah blah. Look it up on wikipedia if you're curious. Biggie was already a household name for many by that point.
Most importantly, it boasts a sample from the bedtime anthem "Between the Sheets" by the OG crooners of clandestine lovin, the Isley Bros., as well as the undeniably superlative lyrics:

Pull the truck up, front, and roll up the next blunt

So we can steam on the way to the telly go fill my belly

A t-bone steak, cheese eggs and Welch's grape

Conversate for a few, cause in a few,

we gon' do What we came to do, ain't that right boo


Anywho, a Biggie biopic, Notorious, is set to premiere at some point in 2009! It stars Brooklyn native and relative unknown, Jamal Woolard in the title role, Derek Luke (aka Antwone Fisher) as Puff Daddy and Anthony Mackie as the late and wonderfully sexy and talented if (at times)misogynistic Tupac Shakur.

They've been filming the movie in my neighborhood, using the facade of my building for some of the shots! (Holla 230!) I was approached about being an extra one morning when I was on my way to work a few months ago, and since then, I was under the impression that filming had ceased.

Imagine my surprise when, last Thursday, I was leaving my apt at around 4 or 5 pm, trying to manuever the two extremely heavy doors in the foyer of my building whilst talking to my sister on my cell phone, I see a somewhat gargantuan young man entering the building as I exit. We shared eye contact and he didn't really bother to help me out with the doors or anything, and I had the thought "Hmm... that dude seems famil." But didn't think much of it.

Until I came outside. And there was a freaking camera in my face and i hear the director scream out "CUT!!! SHE WALKED INTO THE FRAME!!! CUT!!!!"

I gave them my winsome apology face and kept it moving. Maybe I make it to the blooper reel!

Check out the trailer, loves! (Also, download "Brooklyn, (We Go Hard)" by Jay Z feat. Wesleyan's own, Santogold, which appears on the soundtrack!)

Happy Monday!!!

I'm so happy this Monday afternoon! Even though its brick citayyy outside, the sun is shining heavenly beams in my soul right now! I'm cheesin'!

Enjoy this video, I found on Dlisted today... Its pop culture gold. Steve Urkel, Winnie Cooper and Jennifer Aniston in one fantastic rap classic! ALSO DJ TANNER! Holler! Ahh too much love. I want to go to Camp Cucamonga!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Today's Special is.... Moms!

Hey friends!
So I'm finally back, after a full 2 week hiatus. I just needed a break from the blog... I was getting really irritated at how the media I was posting became defunct after a few days. I didn't feel like I had enough energy to re-find all of the brilliant photos of Fred Durst or Tina Turner, youtube clips of the Backstreet Boys triumphant if short return to TRL... Urghs. It's too annoying.

Anywho, what brings me back 2 da blog is my dear friend, Lady Aisha Domingue, mother-to-be. This is not her sole identity (dancer, youth organizer, activist, comedian etc etc), but I am super excited that one little bundle of joy will have the pleasure of being raised, loved and humanized by this amazing woman!!! I'm so bummed because I missed Aisha's baby shower yesterday, though my day was spent with my own remarkable mother, helping her pack and get her shiz together for a trip to the motherland. I miss you, Ma!!

Aisha and I worked together last summer and we truly are kindred spirits when it comes to pop culture, hence the full blog post dedicated to her, and all my love!!! I approached her with one of my ultimate pop culture challenges, and she delivered!!

I distinctly remembered being addicted to this one Nickelodeon show when I was really young like... a year old... I couldn't remember the name of the characters or even the title... all I had in my arsenal of memory was that it took place in a department store... there was a mouse puppet that was prominently featured, and a mannequin of a young man with curly voluminous hair and a newsie-eque cap that came alive at night, but became immobile if he ever lost his hat... So elaborate, so many details, but none that were relevant.

Aisha was the only person EVER in my life who knew what I was talking about! Trust that your girl has been asking around for years... anywho, she had a few hunches and following her leads, conducting a smatter of Google searches we found

A children's tv show set in Canada that was aired in from 1982-1987... the main premise was each night when the display designer would arrive in the children's department, she would utter the magical words: Hocus Pocus Allimagocus! And Jeff, the aforementioned mannequin would come alive and hysterical chaos would ensue. Watch the intro!

YAY! Success! Because of AD, I have acheived peace of mind and soul with regards to this moment in my life! It's actually kind of a huge deal.

Beyond that, both of us share a love of Steve Perry and Arnel Pineda (Journey's current lead singer, plucked from coverband prominence into the real deal... a dream come TRUE!) and a stiff critique of Alicia Keys' reliance on corny cliches and high school level emotions to produce hit singles... but that is neither here nor there.

Anyway you want it That's the way you need it Anyway you want it She said That's the way you need it!!

Congrats, Aisha!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Return

Self Explanatory.

Mark Morrison's 1996 "Return of the Mack"... classic.

He's lettin all the people know that
he's back to run da show.

I espesh love the clips of the formidable snake juxtaposed with the image of his snakeskin shoes immediately afterward. Clearly, you can't mess with the M.

Love his chunky chain and asymmetrical 'do. I don't know if you like this video/jam.
But I do.
But I do
do do do.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Last night truly marked the end of an era. The era of Total Request Live. Now I know many of you do not share my teeny bopper past... but either way, during the late nineties TRL was totes a main fixture in the face of popular music and culture.

Carson Daly was one of the most recognizable faces for a minute... Constantly having to engage with teeny boppers like Britney Spears and *Nsync, but gallavanting on the side with Fred Durst and Kid Rock. The rockers that made it on the countdown were supposedly more legit than the teen idols, but ten years later, no one knows what their tired asses even look like. And then there was the random cameos made by various Rap and R&B artists - Mya, P.Diddy, Brandy and Monica (the NAMESAKE), among others. I guess I'm talking about the golden age of TRL, when I used to watch religiously, every single day, when fans used to take over Times Square to the point where the place that is already the most annoying on the planet became even more unbearable... the huge window, the waving, the naked Cowboy... it all felt so familiar and so close. But despite living in New York, I never made it to a single taping of the show. And thats totes fine. Except now that chance is officially and completely dunzo, I have to wonder, did I miss out on participating in history?

I'm pretty sure the answer is no. By the end of its run, TRL barely even showed its videos, having the VJs talking straight through them. The show always got me with the sensory overload: the celebrity guests, the screaming fans, the scrolling requests on the bottom of the screen (PLz PLz play J.Lo's "All I Have" bcuz me and my boyfriend Eddie are going thru a rough patch but i want him to know that I still lubs u Babee").

I didn't even mind the middle phase of TRL with Brian McFadden (Nikki Hilton's ex) and Quddus running the show, or that chick Hilary Burton who they found on the street and way later ended up being the star of One Tree Hill (also the Secret Life of Bees, homegirl makes a cameo as young Dakota's mother). But by the end, TRL became unwatchable, and maybe part of that was the fact that I grew up, and no longer had the attention span to watch for 1.5 hours.

Anyway, I didn't actually watch last night, but apparently they brought Carson Daly back home to host... what is that guy up to these days? Besides hosting that late night show "Later" and not being engaged to Tara Reid or dating Jennifer Love? I had an inappropes dream about Carson once in 7th grade, and it was so awkward for me, that I stopped watching TRL for about a week. And in that week, my friends made it seem like i had missed EVERYTHING. What losers. In reality, we all know that back then, that show was nearly identical every single day until videos got "retired." Except that one day that New Kids on the Block was No. 1. Classic Shiz.

Enjoy this video of some of the orig TRL titans (and my personal fave) the Backstreet Boys taking it back and bringing it home for the end of a show that stopped mattering a long time ago, but quite poss was one of the catalyzing forces behind my obsesh with this time period. Also, BSB lookin kinda good again. yikes.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Listen and revel in the power and beauty of the T.

I always come back to her when I'm in need of a loveburst. And sister always always delivers.

Better Be Good To Me (5:14 version) - Tina Turner

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Just another Saturday in Fort Greene...
would've loved to spend it with Jamal Jenkins aka Sheldon Turnipseed.... wonder where homie is these days! enjoy:

do YOU recognize Jamal's father???

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Your first name is Mervin??

I was sick this weekend. It was such a bummer. I finally got myself up to Wesleyan to visit some of my lovely booskies, was absolutely floored by the throwdownworthy brilliance of our own Ms. Intisar Abioto's dance thesis, but couldn't protect myself from the dangers of spending autumn in NYC... GERMS and BACTERIA. Maybe I should've taken cues from some of my germaphobe friends, and been extra careful on the subways/escalators/stairs/turnstiles, and not touch anything... but truth be told, my clumsy ass would SPLAT! and be sidewalk roadkill instantly. I know this fact... Sad but true. Even the hottest people have issues. Womps (x3). So anyway, back to being sick. I spent that time catching up on my online TV... caught some of The Office and Ugz B (best episode this season, holla!) and found myself fiending to watch some old school Disney...

Beyond being sick, I recently found out that a boy that I grew up with, known since 2nd grade, someone who was quite a mainstay during my years at Ramapo High School since he was dating one of my besties at the time, was in a terrible car accident and is fighting for his life now. If I could ask anything of you, please take a few moments to think about Kimly Eric May, as someone I know and have built memories with, and hope and pray that one of my first ever homeboys makes it through this terrible moment. He's a really strong man, and we're all hoping for the best!

I think hearing about Eric, moreso than my "sickness," led me to Disney. Sometimes when you're experiencing something especially difficult, you try to find solace in something that feels familiar and safe. And I know what you must be thinking... wasn't Walt Disney racist? The answer is a resounding YES. Just watch clips from Dumbo or Aladdin, or anything and you'll get your answer. There is no solace in racism. And yet...

This weekend, I began fiending to see two of the more underrated Disney classics... Robin Hood (1973) and/or The Sword in the Stone(1963). HEY MEL!!! Robin Hood is one of Lindeloo's faves, and I gotta say, the green tights, the general dashingness and charm of Robin, and the distribution of animality to the characters, like Maid Marian and Prince John were perfection... Animals have never ever ever looked so good to me. And probably never will again.

People who know me know that the truth of this statement cannot be questioned.

We are all so obsessed with Robin Hood and King Arthur. Robin, the loving vigilante who steals from the rich to give to the poor, the orig B.Obamz? My sister and I were talking the other night about poss accepting temporary jobs as mystery shoppers this holiday season... we could be the Robin Hood(ettes?) of Bloomie's, Daffy's, Old Navy's, Loew's..etcetcetc., dishing out the rave reviews for people that appeal to our disposition and livelihoods, and ensuring some cushy holiday bonus money for those lost in an economic crisis where only Wal-Mart really stands to benefit (sorry Cecil! Also, defi click that link on his name, Cecil looks totes delish). Wow I just got lost on a tangent, but back to da King.

Is it everyone or just me? I know some people hate period films, and I can't say I entirely blame them... but I feel like, I'm Totes obsessed with Robin and Arthur. King Arthur is a symbol of good. He comes upon his throne by accident, drawing a sword that was his destiny on account of his humility and unassuming strength. He is responsible for ending the "Dark Ages" in Europe; for bringing a sense of strength in collectivity to the Knights of his Round Table. But enough on the sociopolitical significances of the Robin and the King... lets talk about the nineties manifests... and oh how I loved them!

FIRST KNIGHT starring Sean Connery as an aging Arthur losing the love and affection of his young bride Guinivere (as played by Julia Ormond, best known for 1995's remake of SABRINA and who could forget Legends of the Fall?? A movie I hate to admit that I watch every time it's on tv...), to a dashingly clever Lancelot, played by none other than Richard Gere! Holla. My dad bought me this movie for Valentine's one year, and it's quite a guilty pleasure lovefest.

A Kid in King Arthur's Court starring one of my beloved first crushes... right up there with Mike Vitar and Ralph Macchio... THOMAS IAN NICHOLAS. Act like you forgot - Rookie of the Year?!? "Pitcher's Gotta Big Butt..." Loves it! And who can hate on the tagline for this movie? "Calvin Fuller is about to break curfew... by 1500 years." hahah. Brill.

And who could forget the TV Miniseries of The Mists of Avalon, an adaptation of Marian Zimmer Bradley's epic novel which retells the story of King Arthur and his times, through the perspectives of the main ladies in his life... The Miniseries was pretty hardbody intense, and starred Joan Allen, Anjelica Huston and Julianne Margulies, who I've loved since her ER days and morseo since homegirl hails from Spring Valley, NY! Holla Rockland!

I'm not sleeping on Robin Hood, though. We can all remember the little references throughout Shrek (though thats more in the 2000s, not '90s)... but more importantly:

Prince of Thieves, with the effervescent Kevin Costner in the title role... I think I remember one year when we lived in St. Louis, my sister and all of our young girl friends, all rented this movie for our bday parties, and we never got through it. Not even once.No amount of lovin I now have for Alan Rickman (evil Sheriff of Nottingham) or awkward intrigue for Christian Slater (one of the Merry Men) made up for the utter boredom I felt as a kid. Also, SEAN CONNERY CAMEO as King Richard! Holla! Perhaps this is one of those things that deserves some revisiting...

Finally, Cary Elwes as Robin Hood: Men in Tights, needs no description beyond this quite classic photo of Misters Elwes and Chappelle:

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


the power of the MAGIC EYE!!!

Do you see what I see?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Can't Getchu Outta My Head

Some ad campaigns from our youth were so painfully catchy... years later, I can't forget the jingles....

You can wear a ring around your finger... Ring Pop! It's a juicy jewel of flavor... Ring Pop! It's a lollipop without a stick... a ring of flavor you can lick! Oooh... Ring Pop!

When I was younger, I used to say that in place of a diamond engagement ring, I'd be down with a ring pop (in the packaging of course). Years later, when I learned about the brutality of diamond mining and trading, I knew five year old Promas J. was onto something... Now I'd settle for a haiku with a cartoon drawing of a ring!

Also - don't sleep on this one:

When pizza's on a bagel, you can eat pizza anytime! Delish!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Young Hearts Run Free!

Young Hearts, Run Free - Kym Mazelle

This song is just too good. Keeps making a comeback into my life! Mark it!
Kim Mazelle remix of a Candi Staton classic!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008



Please take Freddie's declaration that "We are the Champions OF THE WORLD" with a grain of salt. You know what he means! :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

BaRacking da House! Slash Vote!

Happy Election Day!!!
I just arrived at work, after trekking out to my hometown to vote this morning (holla Pomona Village Hall!)!!! The line was short, the ancient little voting booth was efficient, and it all went smoothly, except for my pops popping in while I was voting to make sure I figured out the lever properly and my subsequent loud gasp/yelp. Gotta love Baj.

According to some people, my last post featuring the scantily clad Eddie Cibrian has made my blog unviewable in certain environments. Soo... in honor of election and as a shoutout to this particularly bashful friend of mine, I offer this:

Say what you will about the man, and I have my own issues with Obama's foreign policy and stance on marriage equality, but he truly is an example of the type of vision and strength that this country has been aching for. I'm not that old, but I can't think of any other point in my lifetime when I've witnessed firsthand a cross-generational and widespread movement of hope of this magnitude among people. And not the sort of hope that is born out of desperation or fear, but the deepest type of hope that ignites people toward action, and makes them dream bigger. Obama brought the human back into American politics.

Okay. so did any of ya'll check out the presidential playlists on imeem? Basically, they are the top ten songs that each candidate has chosen to represent themselves and what they stand for. Not gonna lie, I was totes groovin to the playlists at work yesterday. My man, Obamz's list is pretty impressive, from Marvy Gaye and Nina Simone to a surprise (and uhmazing!) appearance by da BOSS, (Bruce!), it was love all around. McCain's was a bit McPainful... starting off bad with ABBA's "Dancing Queen." And I love ABBA! But I wouldn't "take a chance" on McCain. Though Orbison and Sinatra rub me right... it doesn't change that Homie is delusional.

Barack Obamas Favorite Music Playlist

also - Bono's pet project, seven years ago:

Monday, November 3, 2008

An excerpt...

So in a very recent post, I conceded that David Schwimmer is on my celeb crush list. This is a list of people that I would more than willingly... you know.

let shower me with undying love and affection. and expensive gifts. and funding for important social justice initiatives and projects!

I've decided to periodically share the images of a few (un)lucky ones that have graced this list in the past, as well as present, and begrudgingly poss future...this may be an ongoing revelation... we'll see how it all goes over. Lots of love and enjoy!

Eddie Cibrian of Young and the Restless and Sunset Beach (and that show Third Watch) fame! I was so crazily in love with him when he was on Sunset Beach. He played Cole Deschanel, the devastatingly handsome thief who was married to Caitlin but had an affair with her mother, Olivia! Crazy shizz. Also, Eddie and his bestie from the Young and the Restless days, Joshua Morrow (who played grown Nick Newman), had a brainfreeze one day and formed a boygroup called 3 Deep... its bad news bears, my friends. yikes! (so bad i didn't even post it, but trust me and click the link!) ha. Its sad, these dudes were grown ass men, some kindof even sexy, and yet, put to shame by the likes of Nick Carter and Ashley Parker Angel. Check my boy's spoken interlude in the middle of the song circa 2:09! wowow. Mad terribs. I most recently saw Eddie on DirtySexyMoney as one of Karen's many ex-husbands, Sebastian.

More importantly, Eddie was on Ugly Betty for a few episodes this season as Coach Diaz, the unfortunately very married love interest for an unlucky Hilda, Betty's older sis. Who knows, maybe with the recent appearance of RALPH MACCHIO (thats right, lovebugs, the Karate Kid himself!) Hilda's luck will be achangin! And while Ralphie boy is no E.Cibz, he was looking pretty adorabs with his what i'm assuming to be hairpiece and flawless makeup job! Congrats Ralphie boy! Can't wait to see whats in store.

Whoa. I digress. In any case. Admission number two celeb crush of yore: Eddie Cibrian.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Wild Night is Callin'

Another weekend gone...

(in advance, sorry for the weird dimensions of the video! a hard one to find the embed code for. wompz)

I love this video. I have since the song came out in 1994 (The '71 Van Morrison vers is great too, but I'm partial to power combo of JcM and Me'shell...)

also the lyrics "all the girls walk by/ dressed up for each other/and the boys/ do the boogie woogie/ on the corner of the street" perfecto. love love looooove

John cougar Mellencamp and Me'shell Ndegeocello, who would have ever pictured them to be such a wonderful combination!? I love the way that they vibe offa each other, and their matching muscle tees. I love how she sometimes pops up in the video wearing these really random, really nineties sunglasses. I love J.Mellencamp and how he's no longer cougar; how he's from Indiana (hey Linde!); and how much he loves Barack Obama! Their voices are scratchy and great. The video too, is crazy. The fly cab driver and all the crazy people she encounters. The perfect arch of her eyebrows, the preposterous idea that putting her in a white t-shirt and giving her a baseball cap makes her any less attractive! Crazy! Whats up with the homie with all the dogs? Whack star. The concept of having your wildest night be when you're chauffering other people around is kindof sad... but mayb i'm being judgemental... Also - this photo is sortof divine:

Rewind... Updates! Ola Edition

So... OLA RAY, the gorgeous star of MJ's classic "Thriller" video.. famous for being fly, being the female love interest in the biggest music video of all time, and for having the perfect "O i'm so scared!" face and more importantly, the perfect way of purring, "Oh Michael..." that made you believe that she would even consider going steady with his werewolf azz... Slash that outfit is so fierce and fly, and those red pumps are to die!

What is Ms. Ray up to these days??? AND what does she look like... 25 years later! The answer, my friends:

Yup. That's her. Now, lovers... don't get dejected (and if you were all like "whoa she still is a flyass hunny, by all means, I encourage that!), what did any of us really know about Ms. Ray in the first place?? Here are some fun facts:

1) Ola was born in St. Louis, Missouri (holla! my hometown from ages 3-7! what up, Rue?!)
2) Spent part of her childhood in Japan.
3) Was a Playboy Playmate of the Month at some point in 1980
4) On her first meeting with MJ: "I was getting changed, so I was crouched down halfnaked on the dressing room floor and he came in and giggled." Yikes awwwwkfest.
5) She quit working in the mid-eighties because she refused to sleep with producers in exchange for roles.
6) Now lives were in daughter Iam in Sacramento, CA and hosts parties for Playboy.

Oh Ola. Ohhh Ola.

I find it crazy that it was extremely different to find any stills of homegirl from the Thriller video, and quite significantly easier to find naked booty shots... not the way I've been finna remember one of my first lady loves, Ola Ray.

HB, DS!!!!!

Happy Birthday, David Schwimmer!!! Today, he is forty-two years young!
Anyone that knows me, know that Ross was my favorite Friend... I loved his over the top eccentricity, his dorky sciencey background, and that homie could and would and did throw down for Love! My sister swears Ima end up with a dude like that, though that remains to be seen! The criteria isn't airtight yet, though homie makes a good case :)

D. Schwims, you make it onto my special list! Holla! ;)

Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat?!

Hey friend(s)!

A Halloween poem for you:
Dress up today
in a way that may
allow you to hit the streets
and nab some treats!
Please do not stray
from fun and appropes;
Racism is never okay,
not even a little bit,



On a lighter note:

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

brimming with sisterlove

I had the best weekend!!! Time spent with so many of my sisterfriends, my best friends! Congrats to Linde for a amazing job helping with the South Asian Film Festival in NYC! And also to homegirl Jillian for her acceptance into FIT for next semester!!! Anaka came to visit! Jean an Jung-Hee loved hard. And we celebrated Ayesh's bday in style with Soomz! Big girls doin some Big Thangs.

The subsequent video might seem mad irelev, but its not...

This version of the video includes clips from the classic film soundtrack on which it appears... starring Charlie Sheen, Tim Curry and Rebecca DeMornay (of The Hand that Rocks the Cradle fame). We're talking friendship that sustains the trials and tribulations of time, transition and perseveres beyond the evildoings of Cardinal Richelieu and friends...or at least the imminent end of raspy white man pop/rock as a popular genre.
BUT you gotta heart the lovefest happening between these dudes in the video, esp in the beginning. Rod Stewart offering a little affection circa 1:51 for Bryan, and then to himself 8 seconds later. Bryan rocking that unfortunate mushroomesqe hairdo, and the killer guitar solo juxtaposed with the most intense scenes from the film... I just hope that in the future when my homegirls and I reunite, it's as sweet.

I'm not hatin' though. Sting could get it. (I heard he's into that tantric shizz)... But not Bryan or Rod. and definitely not Kiefer.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

He's a Smart Guy...

do do dooo do do do do

Homie is set to be in a TV adaptation of Coach Carter next fall... With Ving Rhames playing the title character and Chris Brown, Ashanti, and Cassandra Ventura (Cassie, for all you Bad Boy heads out there) joining the cast. What about Channing!?

Monday, October 20, 2008

perfection part II as promised

So this weekend, I spent time doing the following: 1) sleeping for hours, 2) wearing my Wesleyan sweatshirt and complaining about the cold, 3) going out with my beautiful friends, 4) watching episodes of "A Different World" on Youtube.

I don't know what prompted this re-invigoration of my love for the show. It happens periodically; I think on some level it has to do with this whole Barack/McCain thing, the heightened political atmosphere, the lack of current creative output such as that particular show...

It started off as the Cosby Show spin-off, a way to keep Lisa Bonet around without dealing with her butting heads with Heathcliff himself... but then she got preggers after the 1st season with Lenny Kravitz's baby and the show got a makeover.

And what a deliciously perfect makeover it was. Debbie Allen (mama Huxtable aka Phylicia Rashad aka the orig MILF's real life sis! holla!), came in as the producer of the show and revamped it so that it more realistically resembled a historically black college (peace! to Marisa Tomei). The show actually addressed issues that the Cosby Show shied away from... race, class, and it even aired one of the first TV acknowledgements of AIDS.

Slash, how beautiful to see such gorgeous and talented people of color all over the screen! Plus the shit was FUNNY.

I always had the thickest crush on Dwayne Wayne and his flip up glasses... and in the later years, Jada Pinkett's boyfriend Dorian, as played by Bumper Robinson with his corny collegeman schtick and "Richie Cunningham" sweaters really did it for me... Sidenote: Kadeem Hardison (aka Dwayne Wayne) used to date Cree Summer (aka Freddie) and has definitely referred to her as the love of his life. So romantical! I'm totes jeal.

Watch it. now. on youtube or elsewhere. It is just so good!

ps check out the homies loving each other now! adorabs!