Monday, December 15, 2008

What Do Magnets teach us?

Negative attracts positive my friends and vice versa...

Monday monday monday!

Today is my first Monday outside of the corporate world! I'm so happy.

But there is something on my mind that impedes this overwhelming sense of joy/calm... I know this is supposed to be a nostalgia blog, but I gotta just get this off my chest.

What is up with the human condition??? Sometimes, people just don't know how to act. I'm not gonna get into the details of my strife online, but I would just like to caution my loves to the dangers of subletting an apartment from insane moneyhoarding assholes... I've been engaging with the ridiculosity and just plain CRAZY from a chick who totally cheated me out of tons of money for a rather undelightful little spot. It's all good though: got me out the house, gave me a measure of privacy and taught me a lesson for the future. What it doesn't change, is Karma. So watch homie, because the girl that dicked over Melanie from the summer definitely got hit by a car shortly therafter! And while I don't wish that upon you... I'm just sayin.

Here's Kelis' "Caught Out There" dedicated to this particular non-friend. And while no, she isn't a cheating boyfriend/partner... she is something that I could quite easily scream the chorus of this song at. Among a few others, poss...

new face.

mm. I love Kelis.

I do feel bad marking my ecstatic new day with such a negative theme. So to send you some positivity on this beautiful but windy day, here's a cameo from one of my favorite literary (later television) heroes.

Hey! What a Wonderful Kind of Day! If we can learn to work and play! And get along with eachother!

Check this uhmazing video of my favorite Boys singing the theme song for Arthur... Please excuse Nick's awkward fake Jamaican accent/dancing circa 1:33. Yikes. That shiz is mad terribs. And yet phenomenal.


Melanie said...

mmmhmm that cunt that fucked me over got hit by a car, and she deserved it 110%. i hope she has some broken bones, failed classes, legal troubles, and post-traumatic stress. that's what you get when you try to rip people off.

and she was ugly too.

Trendology said...