Monday, November 3, 2008

An excerpt...

So in a very recent post, I conceded that David Schwimmer is on my celeb crush list. This is a list of people that I would more than willingly... you know.

let shower me with undying love and affection. and expensive gifts. and funding for important social justice initiatives and projects!

I've decided to periodically share the images of a few (un)lucky ones that have graced this list in the past, as well as present, and begrudgingly poss future...this may be an ongoing revelation... we'll see how it all goes over. Lots of love and enjoy!

Eddie Cibrian of Young and the Restless and Sunset Beach (and that show Third Watch) fame! I was so crazily in love with him when he was on Sunset Beach. He played Cole Deschanel, the devastatingly handsome thief who was married to Caitlin but had an affair with her mother, Olivia! Crazy shizz. Also, Eddie and his bestie from the Young and the Restless days, Joshua Morrow (who played grown Nick Newman), had a brainfreeze one day and formed a boygroup called 3 Deep... its bad news bears, my friends. yikes! (so bad i didn't even post it, but trust me and click the link!) ha. Its sad, these dudes were grown ass men, some kindof even sexy, and yet, put to shame by the likes of Nick Carter and Ashley Parker Angel. Check my boy's spoken interlude in the middle of the song circa 2:09! wowow. Mad terribs. I most recently saw Eddie on DirtySexyMoney as one of Karen's many ex-husbands, Sebastian.

More importantly, Eddie was on Ugly Betty for a few episodes this season as Coach Diaz, the unfortunately very married love interest for an unlucky Hilda, Betty's older sis. Who knows, maybe with the recent appearance of RALPH MACCHIO (thats right, lovebugs, the Karate Kid himself!) Hilda's luck will be achangin! And while Ralphie boy is no E.Cibz, he was looking pretty adorabs with his what i'm assuming to be hairpiece and flawless makeup job! Congrats Ralphie boy! Can't wait to see whats in store.

Whoa. I digress. In any case. Admission number two celeb crush of yore: Eddie Cibrian.