Tuesday, November 4, 2008

BaRacking da House! Slash Vote!

Happy Election Day!!!
I just arrived at work, after trekking out to my hometown to vote this morning (holla Pomona Village Hall!)!!! The line was short, the ancient little voting booth was efficient, and it all went smoothly, except for my pops popping in while I was voting to make sure I figured out the lever properly and my subsequent loud gasp/yelp. Gotta love Baj.

According to some people, my last post featuring the scantily clad Eddie Cibrian has made my blog unviewable in certain environments. Soo... in honor of election and as a shoutout to this particularly bashful friend of mine, I offer this:

Say what you will about the man, and I have my own issues with Obama's foreign policy and stance on marriage equality, but he truly is an example of the type of vision and strength that this country has been aching for. I'm not that old, but I can't think of any other point in my lifetime when I've witnessed firsthand a cross-generational and widespread movement of hope of this magnitude among people. And not the sort of hope that is born out of desperation or fear, but the deepest type of hope that ignites people toward action, and makes them dream bigger. Obama brought the human back into American politics.

Okay. so did any of ya'll check out the presidential playlists on imeem? Basically, they are the top ten songs that each candidate has chosen to represent themselves and what they stand for. Not gonna lie, I was totes groovin to the playlists at work yesterday. My man, Obamz's list is pretty impressive, from Marvy Gaye and Nina Simone to a surprise (and uhmazing!) appearance by da BOSS, (Bruce!), it was love all around. McCain's was a bit McPainful... starting off bad with ABBA's "Dancing Queen." And I love ABBA! But I wouldn't "take a chance" on McCain. Though Orbison and Sinatra rub me right... it doesn't change that Homie is delusional.

Barack Obamas Favorite Music Playlist

also - Bono's pet project, seven years ago: