Sunday, November 2, 2008

Wild Night is Callin'

Another weekend gone...

(in advance, sorry for the weird dimensions of the video! a hard one to find the embed code for. wompz)

I love this video. I have since the song came out in 1994 (The '71 Van Morrison vers is great too, but I'm partial to power combo of JcM and Me'shell...)

also the lyrics "all the girls walk by/ dressed up for each other/and the boys/ do the boogie woogie/ on the corner of the street" perfecto. love love looooove

John cougar Mellencamp and Me'shell Ndegeocello, who would have ever pictured them to be such a wonderful combination!? I love the way that they vibe offa each other, and their matching muscle tees. I love how she sometimes pops up in the video wearing these really random, really nineties sunglasses. I love J.Mellencamp and how he's no longer cougar; how he's from Indiana (hey Linde!); and how much he loves Barack Obama! Their voices are scratchy and great. The video too, is crazy. The fly cab driver and all the crazy people she encounters. The perfect arch of her eyebrows, the preposterous idea that putting her in a white t-shirt and giving her a baseball cap makes her any less attractive! Crazy! Whats up with the homie with all the dogs? Whack star. The concept of having your wildest night be when you're chauffering other people around is kindof sad... but mayb i'm being judgemental... Also - this photo is sortof divine:


Linde said...

Come on out and dance

-Come on out and dance

-Come on out and MAKE ROMANCE!