Monday, December 15, 2008

What Do Magnets teach us?

Negative attracts positive my friends and vice versa...

Monday monday monday!

Today is my first Monday outside of the corporate world! I'm so happy.

But there is something on my mind that impedes this overwhelming sense of joy/calm... I know this is supposed to be a nostalgia blog, but I gotta just get this off my chest.

What is up with the human condition??? Sometimes, people just don't know how to act. I'm not gonna get into the details of my strife online, but I would just like to caution my loves to the dangers of subletting an apartment from insane moneyhoarding assholes... I've been engaging with the ridiculosity and just plain CRAZY from a chick who totally cheated me out of tons of money for a rather undelightful little spot. It's all good though: got me out the house, gave me a measure of privacy and taught me a lesson for the future. What it doesn't change, is Karma. So watch homie, because the girl that dicked over Melanie from the summer definitely got hit by a car shortly therafter! And while I don't wish that upon you... I'm just sayin.

Here's Kelis' "Caught Out There" dedicated to this particular non-friend. And while no, she isn't a cheating boyfriend/partner... she is something that I could quite easily scream the chorus of this song at. Among a few others, poss...

new face.

mm. I love Kelis.

I do feel bad marking my ecstatic new day with such a negative theme. So to send you some positivity on this beautiful but windy day, here's a cameo from one of my favorite literary (later television) heroes.

Hey! What a Wonderful Kind of Day! If we can learn to work and play! And get along with eachother!

Check this uhmazing video of my favorite Boys singing the theme song for Arthur... Please excuse Nick's awkward fake Jamaican accent/dancing circa 1:33. Yikes. That shiz is mad terribs. And yet phenomenal.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday is the Last Day, and Then it's

W.E.E.K.E.N.D it's WEEKEND!!!


Happy Friday, my loves! Today is no ordinary Friday. Today is the last day of my life in the corporate world. It lasted 3 months longer than I wanted it to, anyway! I'm feeling really good about this decis, and am hoping that some of the efforts I've released into this world will have their trade-off. And if not, I'm biding my time until the New Year where I have resolved (and I take my resolutions VERY seriously!) to have a job/existence that I am happy with!

NO MORE SETTLING!!! None of us, at any point in our lives, especially in this moment, during the pinnacle of our youth, be held back by things/people that are not worth wasting time and energy on. And let's be for serious for a second, Promas Jefferson's energy is precious. If you can't cut it, then it's not for you!

My apologies to my particular corporate workplace, even though a handful of you over there are sweet and helpful (slash one of you is Middle Sis! Love you!), it doesn't change the fact that on a basic level, in terms of the precise work that you do, I just can't get down! I refuse to be a cog in the system that oppresses brown people! Sorrz. You can keep your $2,000 handbags and search for customers during these economic hardtimes. As for me, I'm taking my months here as perspective-building and moving on, finally earning the discount but proud to have never used it! Holla!

Please join me in my celebrations by groovin' to the beats of MJ "Off the Wall" (- my anthem in these last few weeks of work! So happy!

So tonight
Gotta leave that 9 to 5
Upon the shelf
And just enjoy yourself
Let the madness in the music
Get to you
Life ain't so bad at all
If you're livin off the wall

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mjung jung, Here's all my Mlove love

Hello friend(s)!

I just wanted to announce the arrival, or perhaps more appropriately, the public unvealing of a totes brill addition to the blogosphere from our very own, Melanie Bin Jung.

Jungy (not to be confused with Jung-Hee... bt dubs - Hi Josephine!!!) and I have been besties for a good couple of years now, and through it all we've had a lot of iconic pop culture moments.
From experiencing BOTH Chinatown AND The Godfather at the Wesleyan film series (even though, I sortof unforgivably fell asleep for 10 minutes during Chinatown, womps (x3)), to our forays into the past - David Bowie, Michael Jackson No. 1's, WEST SIDE STORY (despite Mel's consternation toward the musical as a genre), we support and love each other 'till the end!

Please check out her blog: Oh, Wie Schön ist Panama? a fantastic and absolutely mind-boggling exploration into the mind and insights of MBJ. She is at once hilarious, provocative, relevant, informative AND enjoyable. My fave post so far is the one on the ill-fitting suits. The photos are priceless! That's a feat! If I was better at something than googling corny pictures and videos from the nineties, I imagine my output to be something like this wonderfulness.

Enjoy! And to celebrate my love for Melanie and her words - here are a 1000 kisses! As per Luther Vandross. Rest in Peace. I think of you often, Luther.

Never Too Much - Luther Vandross

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

All you need is

Freddy Mercury killin it again... this time at LiveAid '85. My dad loves this song, and I gotta admit, I don't hate it. I wish I was there!!!

Also, killer armband, Fredz. loves it! The video gets kiiiiindof uhmazing circa 4:09. Wait for it.

Happy Birthday RS!!!

For Jillian and Intisar :
(practice your best beatniky spoken word voice, prep the stylized syncopation of perfected prose for performance... and enjoy!)

Raven - Symone.
are a Rave -In
a Raven,
the Night

were little
Olivia :
a wunderkind
in the face of hilarity
Know as
The Cos.

Raven - Symone
with a Y
Sometimes Y
but sometimes
with an accent on
the E
the accent on the E
that I cannot find
on my
Raven - Symone

I love you
and your
Raven - Symone
I love you as the
Cheetah Girls.

HB, Raven-Symoné Christina Pearman
HB at 23!

...and who said poetry is dead?

Monday, December 8, 2008

Throw your hands in the Aiyuh...

...If youza true playa.

Yes. Lyrics from the timeless classic "Big Poppa" by the late great Notorious B.I.G.

This was Biggie's first top 10 hit on U.S. Billboards Charts, released as a single in 1995... it transcended into mainstream media and into the bedrooms of white suburban youth across the country blah blah. Look it up on wikipedia if you're curious. Biggie was already a household name for many by that point.
Most importantly, it boasts a sample from the bedtime anthem "Between the Sheets" by the OG crooners of clandestine lovin, the Isley Bros., as well as the undeniably superlative lyrics:

Pull the truck up, front, and roll up the next blunt

So we can steam on the way to the telly go fill my belly

A t-bone steak, cheese eggs and Welch's grape

Conversate for a few, cause in a few,

we gon' do What we came to do, ain't that right boo


Anywho, a Biggie biopic, Notorious, is set to premiere at some point in 2009! It stars Brooklyn native and relative unknown, Jamal Woolard in the title role, Derek Luke (aka Antwone Fisher) as Puff Daddy and Anthony Mackie as the late and wonderfully sexy and talented if (at times)misogynistic Tupac Shakur.

They've been filming the movie in my neighborhood, using the facade of my building for some of the shots! (Holla 230!) I was approached about being an extra one morning when I was on my way to work a few months ago, and since then, I was under the impression that filming had ceased.

Imagine my surprise when, last Thursday, I was leaving my apt at around 4 or 5 pm, trying to manuever the two extremely heavy doors in the foyer of my building whilst talking to my sister on my cell phone, I see a somewhat gargantuan young man entering the building as I exit. We shared eye contact and he didn't really bother to help me out with the doors or anything, and I had the thought "Hmm... that dude seems famil." But didn't think much of it.

Until I came outside. And there was a freaking camera in my face and i hear the director scream out "CUT!!! SHE WALKED INTO THE FRAME!!! CUT!!!!"

I gave them my winsome apology face and kept it moving. Maybe I make it to the blooper reel!

Check out the trailer, loves! (Also, download "Brooklyn, (We Go Hard)" by Jay Z feat. Wesleyan's own, Santogold, which appears on the soundtrack!)

Happy Monday!!!

I'm so happy this Monday afternoon! Even though its brick citayyy outside, the sun is shining heavenly beams in my soul right now! I'm cheesin'!

Enjoy this video, I found on Dlisted today... Its pop culture gold. Steve Urkel, Winnie Cooper and Jennifer Aniston in one fantastic rap classic! ALSO DJ TANNER! Holler! Ahh too much love. I want to go to Camp Cucamonga!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Today's Special is.... Moms!

Hey friends!
So I'm finally back, after a full 2 week hiatus. I just needed a break from the blog... I was getting really irritated at how the media I was posting became defunct after a few days. I didn't feel like I had enough energy to re-find all of the brilliant photos of Fred Durst or Tina Turner, youtube clips of the Backstreet Boys triumphant if short return to TRL... Urghs. It's too annoying.

Anywho, what brings me back 2 da blog is my dear friend, Lady Aisha Domingue, mother-to-be. This is not her sole identity (dancer, youth organizer, activist, comedian etc etc), but I am super excited that one little bundle of joy will have the pleasure of being raised, loved and humanized by this amazing woman!!! I'm so bummed because I missed Aisha's baby shower yesterday, though my day was spent with my own remarkable mother, helping her pack and get her shiz together for a trip to the motherland. I miss you, Ma!!

Aisha and I worked together last summer and we truly are kindred spirits when it comes to pop culture, hence the full blog post dedicated to her, and all my love!!! I approached her with one of my ultimate pop culture challenges, and she delivered!!

I distinctly remembered being addicted to this one Nickelodeon show when I was really young like... a year old... I couldn't remember the name of the characters or even the title... all I had in my arsenal of memory was that it took place in a department store... there was a mouse puppet that was prominently featured, and a mannequin of a young man with curly voluminous hair and a newsie-eque cap that came alive at night, but became immobile if he ever lost his hat... So elaborate, so many details, but none that were relevant.

Aisha was the only person EVER in my life who knew what I was talking about! Trust that your girl has been asking around for years... anywho, she had a few hunches and following her leads, conducting a smatter of Google searches we found

A children's tv show set in Canada that was aired in from 1982-1987... the main premise was each night when the display designer would arrive in the children's department, she would utter the magical words: Hocus Pocus Allimagocus! And Jeff, the aforementioned mannequin would come alive and hysterical chaos would ensue. Watch the intro!

YAY! Success! Because of AD, I have acheived peace of mind and soul with regards to this moment in my life! It's actually kind of a huge deal.

Beyond that, both of us share a love of Steve Perry and Arnel Pineda (Journey's current lead singer, plucked from coverband prominence into the real deal... a dream come TRUE!) and a stiff critique of Alicia Keys' reliance on corny cliches and high school level emotions to produce hit singles... but that is neither here nor there.

Anyway you want it That's the way you need it Anyway you want it She said That's the way you need it!!

Congrats, Aisha!