Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Its Offish

Our President is BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA!!!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009



Long time, no blog! Sorry friend(s)! You know I love ya! First things first...


I had a wonderful time ringing in the New Year with so many of my special ones... so so so much love for you! We had a blast, with our suburban getaway ever made complete with the most appropriate of party themes suggested by my bestilicious Lindeloo... Party like its 1999 (in 2009)!

It gave us the perfect opportunity to put my extensive collection of nineties hits to use... as well as dig up some long sequestered but somewhat iconic musical failures... Will2K? Anyone? That song is pure hilarity, with its interpolation of The Clash's Rock the Casbah and horribly dated lyrical content... Also, embarrassingly enough, I played snippets of Eiffel 65's "Blue" (da ba dee da ba da) and LFO's "Girl on TV." After that, we partied into the night and watched the ball drop with nothing but the greatest anticipation and hope for new starts and new inspirations in the new year!

Anyway, my apologies for departing from the blogosphere for so long. I needed a break and something REALLY REALLY good to bring me back. Birthdays came and went (holla at mah girl Melanie! and the other half of 920 - Feez! and of course, sweetness himself, Branny!) and no blogs happened... yikes.

Well. Today is an important day. So important, I returned. And hopefully an eternity will not pass again before my next post. Today is January 14, 2009.

It is Jason Bateman's 40th birthday!! How epic!

Jason Bateman is totes on my list. I love his little mischieveous smile, the crow's feet around his eyes, that in the 80s he was a willing and appropriate replacement for Michael J. Fox in the Teen Wolf sequel, "Teen Wolf 2"! Child star turned legit adult actor. Excellence!

He played the eldest brother, David, on the show The Hogan Family. It starred my Mary Tyler Moore love, Valerie Harper, as the super mom matriarch of the Hogans with an airplane pilot husband who was usually gone... and 3 sons... mad shenanigans entailed! Then mad years passed and no Jason to be found. womps (x3)

And then... Arrested Development happened! hilarity. Also, I heard that a major motion picture is in the works to happen. How exciting! Michael Bluth could get it. That's all I gotta say about that. He makes frequent cameos in movies featuring the "Frat Pack" ... like Dodgeball, The Break-Up,

Anyway, HB, JB!!! I have an eternity of love and affection for you, and your dry (sometimes mad awk) brand of humor.