Sunday, November 2, 2008

Rewind... Updates! Ola Edition

So... OLA RAY, the gorgeous star of MJ's classic "Thriller" video.. famous for being fly, being the female love interest in the biggest music video of all time, and for having the perfect "O i'm so scared!" face and more importantly, the perfect way of purring, "Oh Michael..." that made you believe that she would even consider going steady with his werewolf azz... Slash that outfit is so fierce and fly, and those red pumps are to die!

What is Ms. Ray up to these days??? AND what does she look like... 25 years later! The answer, my friends:

Yup. That's her. Now, lovers... don't get dejected (and if you were all like "whoa she still is a flyass hunny, by all means, I encourage that!), what did any of us really know about Ms. Ray in the first place?? Here are some fun facts:

1) Ola was born in St. Louis, Missouri (holla! my hometown from ages 3-7! what up, Rue?!)
2) Spent part of her childhood in Japan.
3) Was a Playboy Playmate of the Month at some point in 1980
4) On her first meeting with MJ: "I was getting changed, so I was crouched down halfnaked on the dressing room floor and he came in and giggled." Yikes awwwwkfest.
5) She quit working in the mid-eighties because she refused to sleep with producers in exchange for roles.
6) Now lives were in daughter Iam in Sacramento, CA and hosts parties for Playboy.

Oh Ola. Ohhh Ola.

I find it crazy that it was extremely different to find any stills of homegirl from the Thriller video, and quite significantly easier to find naked booty shots... not the way I've been finna remember one of my first lady loves, Ola Ray.