Monday, November 17, 2008


Last night truly marked the end of an era. The era of Total Request Live. Now I know many of you do not share my teeny bopper past... but either way, during the late nineties TRL was totes a main fixture in the face of popular music and culture.

Carson Daly was one of the most recognizable faces for a minute... Constantly having to engage with teeny boppers like Britney Spears and *Nsync, but gallavanting on the side with Fred Durst and Kid Rock. The rockers that made it on the countdown were supposedly more legit than the teen idols, but ten years later, no one knows what their tired asses even look like. And then there was the random cameos made by various Rap and R&B artists - Mya, P.Diddy, Brandy and Monica (the NAMESAKE), among others. I guess I'm talking about the golden age of TRL, when I used to watch religiously, every single day, when fans used to take over Times Square to the point where the place that is already the most annoying on the planet became even more unbearable... the huge window, the waving, the naked Cowboy... it all felt so familiar and so close. But despite living in New York, I never made it to a single taping of the show. And thats totes fine. Except now that chance is officially and completely dunzo, I have to wonder, did I miss out on participating in history?

I'm pretty sure the answer is no. By the end of its run, TRL barely even showed its videos, having the VJs talking straight through them. The show always got me with the sensory overload: the celebrity guests, the screaming fans, the scrolling requests on the bottom of the screen (PLz PLz play J.Lo's "All I Have" bcuz me and my boyfriend Eddie are going thru a rough patch but i want him to know that I still lubs u Babee").

I didn't even mind the middle phase of TRL with Brian McFadden (Nikki Hilton's ex) and Quddus running the show, or that chick Hilary Burton who they found on the street and way later ended up being the star of One Tree Hill (also the Secret Life of Bees, homegirl makes a cameo as young Dakota's mother). But by the end, TRL became unwatchable, and maybe part of that was the fact that I grew up, and no longer had the attention span to watch for 1.5 hours.

Anyway, I didn't actually watch last night, but apparently they brought Carson Daly back home to host... what is that guy up to these days? Besides hosting that late night show "Later" and not being engaged to Tara Reid or dating Jennifer Love? I had an inappropes dream about Carson once in 7th grade, and it was so awkward for me, that I stopped watching TRL for about a week. And in that week, my friends made it seem like i had missed EVERYTHING. What losers. In reality, we all know that back then, that show was nearly identical every single day until videos got "retired." Except that one day that New Kids on the Block was No. 1. Classic Shiz.

Enjoy this video of some of the orig TRL titans (and my personal fave) the Backstreet Boys taking it back and bringing it home for the end of a show that stopped mattering a long time ago, but quite poss was one of the catalyzing forces behind my obsesh with this time period. Also, BSB lookin kinda good again. yikes.


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i had a crush on that dude....fred durst that is.

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