Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mjung jung, Here's all my Mlove love

Hello friend(s)!

I just wanted to announce the arrival, or perhaps more appropriately, the public unvealing of a totes brill addition to the blogosphere from our very own, Melanie Bin Jung.

Jungy (not to be confused with Jung-Hee... bt dubs - Hi Josephine!!!) and I have been besties for a good couple of years now, and through it all we've had a lot of iconic pop culture moments.
From experiencing BOTH Chinatown AND The Godfather at the Wesleyan film series (even though, I sortof unforgivably fell asleep for 10 minutes during Chinatown, womps (x3)), to our forays into the past - David Bowie, Michael Jackson No. 1's, WEST SIDE STORY (despite Mel's consternation toward the musical as a genre), we support and love each other 'till the end!

Please check out her blog: Oh, Wie Schön ist Panama? a fantastic and absolutely mind-boggling exploration into the mind and insights of MBJ. She is at once hilarious, provocative, relevant, informative AND enjoyable. My fave post so far is the one on the ill-fitting suits. The photos are priceless! That's a feat! If I was better at something than googling corny pictures and videos from the nineties, I imagine my output to be something like this wonderfulness.

Enjoy! And to celebrate my love for Melanie and her words - here are a 1000 kisses! As per Luther Vandross. Rest in Peace. I think of you often, Luther.

Never Too Much - Luther Vandross


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