Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Your first name is Mervin??

I was sick this weekend. It was such a bummer. I finally got myself up to Wesleyan to visit some of my lovely booskies, was absolutely floored by the throwdownworthy brilliance of our own Ms. Intisar Abioto's dance thesis, but couldn't protect myself from the dangers of spending autumn in NYC... GERMS and BACTERIA. Maybe I should've taken cues from some of my germaphobe friends, and been extra careful on the subways/escalators/stairs/turnstiles, and not touch anything... but truth be told, my clumsy ass would SPLAT! and be sidewalk roadkill instantly. I know this fact... Sad but true. Even the hottest people have issues. Womps (x3). So anyway, back to being sick. I spent that time catching up on my online TV... caught some of The Office and Ugz B (best episode this season, holla!) and found myself fiending to watch some old school Disney...

Beyond being sick, I recently found out that a boy that I grew up with, known since 2nd grade, someone who was quite a mainstay during my years at Ramapo High School since he was dating one of my besties at the time, was in a terrible car accident and is fighting for his life now. If I could ask anything of you, please take a few moments to think about Kimly Eric May, as someone I know and have built memories with, and hope and pray that one of my first ever homeboys makes it through this terrible moment. He's a really strong man, and we're all hoping for the best!

I think hearing about Eric, moreso than my "sickness," led me to Disney. Sometimes when you're experiencing something especially difficult, you try to find solace in something that feels familiar and safe. And I know what you must be thinking... wasn't Walt Disney racist? The answer is a resounding YES. Just watch clips from Dumbo or Aladdin, or anything and you'll get your answer. There is no solace in racism. And yet...

This weekend, I began fiending to see two of the more underrated Disney classics... Robin Hood (1973) and/or The Sword in the Stone(1963). HEY MEL!!! Robin Hood is one of Lindeloo's faves, and I gotta say, the green tights, the general dashingness and charm of Robin, and the distribution of animality to the characters, like Maid Marian and Prince John were perfection... Animals have never ever ever looked so good to me. And probably never will again.

People who know me know that the truth of this statement cannot be questioned.

We are all so obsessed with Robin Hood and King Arthur. Robin, the loving vigilante who steals from the rich to give to the poor, the orig B.Obamz? My sister and I were talking the other night about poss accepting temporary jobs as mystery shoppers this holiday season... we could be the Robin Hood(ettes?) of Bloomie's, Daffy's, Old Navy's, Loew's..etcetcetc., dishing out the rave reviews for people that appeal to our disposition and livelihoods, and ensuring some cushy holiday bonus money for those lost in an economic crisis where only Wal-Mart really stands to benefit (sorry Cecil! Also, defi click that link on his name, Cecil looks totes delish). Wow I just got lost on a tangent, but back to da King.

Is it everyone or just me? I know some people hate period films, and I can't say I entirely blame them... but I feel like, I'm Totes obsessed with Robin and Arthur. King Arthur is a symbol of good. He comes upon his throne by accident, drawing a sword that was his destiny on account of his humility and unassuming strength. He is responsible for ending the "Dark Ages" in Europe; for bringing a sense of strength in collectivity to the Knights of his Round Table. But enough on the sociopolitical significances of the Robin and the King... lets talk about the nineties manifests... and oh how I loved them!

FIRST KNIGHT starring Sean Connery as an aging Arthur losing the love and affection of his young bride Guinivere (as played by Julia Ormond, best known for 1995's remake of SABRINA and who could forget Legends of the Fall?? A movie I hate to admit that I watch every time it's on tv...), to a dashingly clever Lancelot, played by none other than Richard Gere! Holla. My dad bought me this movie for Valentine's one year, and it's quite a guilty pleasure lovefest.

A Kid in King Arthur's Court starring one of my beloved first crushes... right up there with Mike Vitar and Ralph Macchio... THOMAS IAN NICHOLAS. Act like you forgot - Rookie of the Year?!? "Pitcher's Gotta Big Butt..." Loves it! And who can hate on the tagline for this movie? "Calvin Fuller is about to break curfew... by 1500 years." hahah. Brill.

And who could forget the TV Miniseries of The Mists of Avalon, an adaptation of Marian Zimmer Bradley's epic novel which retells the story of King Arthur and his times, through the perspectives of the main ladies in his life... The Miniseries was pretty hardbody intense, and starred Joan Allen, Anjelica Huston and Julianne Margulies, who I've loved since her ER days and morseo since homegirl hails from Spring Valley, NY! Holla Rockland!

I'm not sleeping on Robin Hood, though. We can all remember the little references throughout Shrek (though thats more in the 2000s, not '90s)... but more importantly:

Prince of Thieves, with the effervescent Kevin Costner in the title role... I think I remember one year when we lived in St. Louis, my sister and all of our young girl friends, all rented this movie for our bday parties, and we never got through it. Not even once.No amount of lovin I now have for Alan Rickman (evil Sheriff of Nottingham) or awkward intrigue for Christian Slater (one of the Merry Men) made up for the utter boredom I felt as a kid. Also, SEAN CONNERY CAMEO as King Richard! Holla! Perhaps this is one of those things that deserves some revisiting...

Finally, Cary Elwes as Robin Hood: Men in Tights, needs no description beyond this quite classic photo of Misters Elwes and Chappelle:


barbara said...

ok??? soooo?? who cares about them....exept fro ralph macchio he is hot and matt dillon is hotter watch the movie "the outsiders" best movie ever!!