Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat?!

Hey friend(s)!

A Halloween poem for you:
Dress up today
in a way that may
allow you to hit the streets
and nab some treats!
Please do not stray
from fun and appropes;
Racism is never okay,
not even a little bit,



On a lighter note:

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

brimming with sisterlove

I had the best weekend!!! Time spent with so many of my sisterfriends, my best friends! Congrats to Linde for a amazing job helping with the South Asian Film Festival in NYC! And also to homegirl Jillian for her acceptance into FIT for next semester!!! Anaka came to visit! Jean an Jung-Hee loved hard. And we celebrated Ayesh's bday in style with Soomz! Big girls doin some Big Thangs.

The subsequent video might seem mad irelev, but its not...

This version of the video includes clips from the classic film soundtrack on which it appears... starring Charlie Sheen, Tim Curry and Rebecca DeMornay (of The Hand that Rocks the Cradle fame). We're talking friendship that sustains the trials and tribulations of time, transition and perseveres beyond the evildoings of Cardinal Richelieu and friends...or at least the imminent end of raspy white man pop/rock as a popular genre.
BUT you gotta heart the lovefest happening between these dudes in the video, esp in the beginning. Rod Stewart offering a little affection circa 1:51 for Bryan, and then to himself 8 seconds later. Bryan rocking that unfortunate mushroomesqe hairdo, and the killer guitar solo juxtaposed with the most intense scenes from the film... I just hope that in the future when my homegirls and I reunite, it's as sweet.

I'm not hatin' though. Sting could get it. (I heard he's into that tantric shizz)... But not Bryan or Rod. and definitely not Kiefer.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

He's a Smart Guy...

do do dooo do do do do

Homie is set to be in a TV adaptation of Coach Carter next fall... With Ving Rhames playing the title character and Chris Brown, Ashanti, and Cassandra Ventura (Cassie, for all you Bad Boy heads out there) joining the cast. What about Channing!?

Monday, October 20, 2008

perfection part II as promised

So this weekend, I spent time doing the following: 1) sleeping for hours, 2) wearing my Wesleyan sweatshirt and complaining about the cold, 3) going out with my beautiful friends, 4) watching episodes of "A Different World" on Youtube.

I don't know what prompted this re-invigoration of my love for the show. It happens periodically; I think on some level it has to do with this whole Barack/McCain thing, the heightened political atmosphere, the lack of current creative output such as that particular show...

It started off as the Cosby Show spin-off, a way to keep Lisa Bonet around without dealing with her butting heads with Heathcliff himself... but then she got preggers after the 1st season with Lenny Kravitz's baby and the show got a makeover.

And what a deliciously perfect makeover it was. Debbie Allen (mama Huxtable aka Phylicia Rashad aka the orig MILF's real life sis! holla!), came in as the producer of the show and revamped it so that it more realistically resembled a historically black college (peace! to Marisa Tomei). The show actually addressed issues that the Cosby Show shied away from... race, class, and it even aired one of the first TV acknowledgements of AIDS.

Slash, how beautiful to see such gorgeous and talented people of color all over the screen! Plus the shit was FUNNY.

I always had the thickest crush on Dwayne Wayne and his flip up glasses... and in the later years, Jada Pinkett's boyfriend Dorian, as played by Bumper Robinson with his corny collegeman schtick and "Richie Cunningham" sweaters really did it for me... Sidenote: Kadeem Hardison (aka Dwayne Wayne) used to date Cree Summer (aka Freddie) and has definitely referred to her as the love of his life. So romantical! I'm totes jeal.

Watch it. now. on youtube or elsewhere. It is just so good!

ps check out the homies loving each other now! adorabs!

Friday, October 17, 2008

ughs perfection

i love this show. and miss it. espesh dwayne wayne. love that guy!

and miss when shows like that were on tv. more on this later!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The City is Mine

I just recently moved into an apartment in Brooklyn, and while it is in a neighborhood that I've been living in intermittently during summer breaks from Wesleyan and crashing at my sister's place (who bt dubs, now lives down the street), I'm realizing what a far cry adult city life is from youth in the 'burbs, and college in Middletown, CT.

Thinking about this city move, and spending hours on the train, unearthing crazy lost tunes on my ipod, has led me to re-encounter this gem from late 1998...

Its a single off of Jay-Z's second album, In My Lifetime, Vol. 1, entitled "THE CITY IS MINE." Basically, it's Jay bigging himself up, with the choral contribution from one of my favorite brown boy (man?) groups, Blackstreet. Remember Teddy Riley? Anywho, the song uses elements of "You Belong to the City" by Glenn Frey to get its point across. That, and the little simultaneous and coordinated hand choreography by the group. I'm not sure that this song got a whole lot of airplay, in fact i'm sure it didn't (it's not exactly the prime example of hip hop), but it always holds a spot in my heart, for its catchiness, and for the memories of riding in the yellow cheese bus and all the junior high whack stars singing along...

also. check out the cameo by Michael Rapaport. he loves playing cops. and the only thing he loves more than playing cops, are people of color.

Doppelganging During the Deb8

Who watched the debate last night?? The past few have been intensely scary for me to watch, because no matter how correctly my man Obamz pronounces "Pakistan," it doesn't change what he's saying about what he wants to do there. And the delusions that support John McCain's candidacy and his followers are beyond my comprehension. But some very good points about health care and the economy were brought to light by Mr. B.O., as well as trying to take the higher road in campaigns that have become particularly nasty. Beyond that, this time around, I was into Bob Schieffer's ability to ask candid and pointed questions without getting lost in time reminders a la Mr. Brokaw, and guide a fluid debate.

Also, he gave me the perfect opportunity for some split screenage:

Yes. Bob Schieffer looks like Dr. Frasier (and Niles! Don't sleep on the younger bro!) Crane's lovable, huggable, retired-cop-in-Seattle-with-the-gross-chair father, Martin Crane, as played by John Mahoney.

I gotta agree with my one of my fellow debate watchers, Adele, in the wish to catch a glimpse of Eddie, poss running up to one of the candidates with a doggy toy in his mouth, maybe shaped like a golden wrench, as a plumber making $250,000 a year might carry... hm.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Promas Jefferson says...

Its been a busy week(end) for your girl. I apologize for the slacking in blog postage, but thats not to say that I don't love ya!

Forget Me Nots (Single Version) - Patrice Rushen

To prove how loyal I am to you, the three people that read my blog (hi wifey!), I have decided to honor the call for completion of the My Quirks survey, which Jillian over at the mindblowingly awesome Trendology has tagged me for! This is my first survey since seventh grade, friends, and i hope it iZn'T 2 boRiNg 4 U!

1) I love eating steak and cheese sandwiches.
and I will do so, any time of day, any day of the week. Just ask various forepersons in the cart cuisine industry... (my fave is on the corner of 15th St. and 8th Ave from my Sadie Nash days!) holla!

2) I'm really particular about my eyeliner. Ya'll that know me know that I never really leave the house feeling 100% unless I'm wearing my black liquid eyeliner. Over the years, I've expanded my arsenal of makeupping,to include pencils and varying shades of blues, greens and violets. But the only thing that makes me feel totes comfy and happy and norm is Maybelline Water-Proof Lineworks liner in Black . Its something about the shape of the applicator I think... but its perfection. (much like this photo of my boo, yokasta! gorgeous!)

3) I get really into sports. I definitely have zero athletic ability. But I periodically become obsessed obsessed with watching team sports and players. There have been some embarrassing ones in the past (Allen Iverson, Cristiano Ronaldo, etc.) but I have been known to defend them hardbody, until I come upon indefensible actions. For Iverson, it wasn't the ball hogging, but the holding his wife up at gunpoint that did it for me. And for Ronaldo, it wasn't the diving so much as the inexcusable addiction to the tanning that he clearly has. Homeboy is practically purple! yikes!
4) Okay, I know I said I love steak and cheese sandwiches, but I have an issue with eating messy foods. They make me feel self conscious. I hate biting into foods... even tiny little bits of heaven like cupcakes make me nervous. Womp (x3)5) I have a fear that my love for guilty pleasures has taken over, and has now morphed into my TASTE. When "The Cutting Edge" (the ultimate love/skate relationship) fails to be an embarrassing feel good release movie and becomes my legit fave, thats when I know I've broken. Until then... listening to Lisa Lisa's "All Cried Out" is a joke, not a real way to get over a break-up... right?!

6) This might be a dealbreaker for some of you. So I'm a little hesitant to divulge this information. But my disclaimer is as follows: THIS IS A PHENOM OF THE PAST! It is not my current state of being! The truth is, when I was younger, I had a thick phobia of Prince. It was when he was "The Artist," and there was something about his makeup, the uncomfortably focused eye-contact and high falsetto that freaked me out, I think. I think this was a case of some serious self-hate, because as we know from my aforementioned quirk, I totes invoke the ARTIST when applying my makeup each day, and Ralphie T. is my fave member of New Edition on account of the falsetto. That doesn't explain the eye-contact though. It was "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World" video in specific...

Watch More Videos Uploaded by

I hope this doesn't discredit my love/musings on the world of pop culture for you. I can and do appreciate Prince for his genius! I really do!

(because the only other blogs I follow are ones that have been tagged in this particular survey, it ends here with me!) love love

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Happy Birthday, Zachary Ty Bryan!
few could hold their own next to the marvel that was JTT!!! loved that guy

Part Deux

Though this isn't technically nostalgia-inducing for all, it makes me nostalgic for my sophomore year of college. Holla WOC House!!! Love you ladies.


PS. This dude looks like my pops! ...And Linde's... And lots of other South Asian Chemist mustachioed dads!

Action Jackson Thursday!

Its that time of the week, lovers! ACTION JACKSON time! So last week we featured "Beat It" by Michael and "If" by Janet, and this week, as a special favor to one of the loves of my life, J. Chesley B., I have decided to feature Janet's very own "Rhythm Nation"!!!

Now one would think the appeal of the song/video is its promotion and urging toward societal unity and working toward social justice. And on some real shiz, racial unity and harmony among nations and in promise of "looking for a better way of life" doesn't sound all that bad, now does it? Chessles and I agree however, that besides the B&W badass choreography and fierce costuming, the real draw of the video is when Ms. J commands the listeners to "Sing it up!"holla! Slash the dance breaks about 3 and then 4 min are pretty fly.

Also, see if you can spot cameo by Tyrin Turner of Menace II Society fame.

Now, which MJ is comparable enough for a head to head? I considered putting one of Michael's many social commentary jams to compare with janet's call for cultural harmony... but poss Earth song is too intense for the beginnings of my blog. Maybe one that emphasizes the dancing aspect? Nah. Rhythm Nation was the title track of the LEGENDARY album that spawned are you ready for this? SEVEN TOP FIVE SINGLES!!! Who does that? She fly.

So which one of MJ's albums is like that? hmm...

When I was younger, I would go to these Bengali family picnics, and there would be this crew of dudes, and one toward the back (the funny, pudgy one... the one i probz had the crush on! whatchu know about that?) would carry a boom box on his shoulders blasting this particular album...

and i remember thinking. Wow that shit is old. LOSERS. It wasn't until years later and I revisted THRILLER that I realized how truly genius it is. Anyway, I won't say too too much about the video, we've all (hopefully) seen it. I just recently shared the video with my adorable 11 yr old cousin who only had one thing to say:

"Whoa. Where did you find this??"

MJ's creative aptitude is a miracle of its own...
1) Where is Ola Ray these days? She's hot stuff!
2) Scary music by Elmer Bernstein... I watched this animated biology video in 10th grade, and he composed music for that too!
3) The dancers were so well (over?) rehearsed, that you know that part when they all jump at the same time? If you pause the video at precisely that moment, you can draw a straight line under all of them. Thats crazy.

Sorry Chris Brown. You can try, but you'll never be able to recreate the eveeeel of the Thriller!

Music Videos by VideoCure

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Playas Gon' Play

And haters they gonna hate...

Today when I woke up, I dressed for a brisk autumn morning. And then I got outside and it was freakin COLD. Winter is upon us, friends. And as much as i loooove the sweaty stickiness of summer, saying farewell to ethnic fabulous dresses and booty shorts in favor of gloves, scarves and bubble jackets is not something i'm looking forward to.

What I AM excited for is invoking the INDOOR RECESS TIME of yore, protecting my wallet and engaging in some inexpensive, good natured, well meaning, and poss inebriated Game Nights!

A few weeks ago, me and one of my high school besties, Stevie B. (he is an awesome singer for drive. crash. burn., a band you should definitely check out, bt dubs), foreshadowed this phenomenon of game nighting one suburban night when we didn't feel like going to the Palisades Mall, AGAIN. It was actually a blast, I had brought the dated, but classic Trivial Pursuit Genus Edition (thats the very first ever, mark it!), but we ended up playing Uno and Scrabble for hours. Steven's a sweetheart and allowed abbreves and acronyms in our game, and your girl definitely scored 33 points for "B.J."! Holla!

In any case, it's not like game nights don't happen on the reg, and that its necessarily a nostalgia thing... but i'm not talking about Taboo or Cranium. Real talk... Indoor recess.

We outwitted one another...

and performed surgical procedures...

We challenged our investigative prowess...

and Guess(ed) Who?!

And when times got really tough, we even exchanged contraband...

Lets conference on the current reality of these things. Now you can get human size Connect Four. Operation! can be performed on Homer Simpson, the Incredible Hulk and Dick Cheney. Clue has revamped its rules and given its characters first names, new jobs, new weapons and racial identities. Whoa buddy. I just hope I dont get stuck in the Spa with former football player Jack Mustard with the Ax! And I have no contemporary comments about Guess Who?, but doesnt George up there look like a Gary Busey in a fedora? Sad. All I got to say about Lisa Frank is:

Retire. I miss my orig Polar Paradise stationary kit.

Ballers they gon' ball. Shot callers, they gonna call.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Homiez in Red

We should do a remix of that Chris DeBurgh joint...

Happy Birfday, Big Sis!

Enjoy a classic remake.
Oct. 5 is a day we celebrate the birth of a true original!
Tanwi Nandini Islam, She da best!
Love and then more.

Undercover Brotherz Tryna Holla

Do ya’ll remember New York Undercover? Michael DeLorenzo and Malik Yoba were undercover detectives for the NYPD and were always finding themselves in disturbing and elaborate criminal schemes. I remember watching the show, but I don’t remember actually caring about it. It wasn’t a sick addiction like Law and Order: SVU became for me, during my last years in high school. Maybe it was the lack of consistent marathoning that prevented that from happening.

A couple years ago, my friend Ngozi and I friended Michael DeLorenzo on MySpace and he accepted!! Michael DeLorenzo is apparently trying out his luck as a pop sensation now so… good luck with that, Mike!

Noteworthy: NYUndercover was the first American police drama to feature two people of color in lead roles. And it lasted for longer than a year! Holla! I guess people were really committed to the life and work of Julius Clarence “JC” Williams and partner Eduardo “Eddie” Torres. Delish.

From a previous post, ya’ll already know that Michael used to be a dancer. He totes held his own with the King of Pop as a dancing gangbanger in the epic music video, “Beat It.” Love his muscle tee! And pirouettes! He was also the object of drama, Private Santiago, in one of my fave guilty pleasure courtroom dramas, “A Few Good Men (1992)” with Tom Cruise (I want the truth!) and Jack Nicholson (YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!), Demi Moore, and cameos by Noah Wylie (ER blog post coming soon!) and the ubiquitous KEVIN BACON!

Now, the other dude, Malik Yoba (I should totes friend him on MySpace too. hm) … I unfortunately haven't kept up so much with his career. My aforementioned friend, Ngozi (who has great New York Undercover celeb luck!) had an interaction with Mr. Yoba when she was living here in Fort Greene, recently before she peaced to OR.

It seems that the ashy lipped homeboy stopped the strikingly attractive Ms. Gozanne on the street and said, “I’m sorry but… do I know you?”

Now Malik, we know she’s magnetic and all, but you really need to stop tryin to act like the real question you were asking wasn’t…

“Do you know ME?”


Womp (x3).

Saturday, October 4, 2008

don't need no hateration, holleration

In this aftermath of graduation, I’ve really been trying to unearth the things that make me feel happy and good, solid yet powerful enough to move. And musically, this has drawn me back to Mary J. Blige.

1994 Mary. Holla!

Mmmm some of that shiyet is Just. So. Good. This is Mary before she sampled the theme song from Young and the Restless and made up words for lyricslets get it percolatin it why you waitin so jus dance for me?”

Also way before she was just fine fine fine fine fine fine fine fine!

Just fine fine fine fine fine!

This was Mary at her life’s lowest. Drug addicted and new to fame and fortune. Her music relationship with Puffy (now: PDiddy) ending and her life getting away from her. I watched a lot of Behind the Music in my day.

Anyway. Mary J. Blige’s album “My Life” is so beautifully real, and raw. It is the output of a woman who’s falling but trying to fight gravity to keep herself alive long enough to get her message out, and hopefully and thankfully, come back up and out, happy and strong. Sometimes, the lyrics don’t even have to be desolate or sad to get across the breadth of emotional weight that someone is carrying on their own. Just listen to her voice. Shit is deep! Mary J.’s popularity and her talent is rooted out of her uncompromising and sortof mindblowing conviction, as an artist, and as a creator. I love her. Mary, U Bring Me Joy!

U Bring Me Joy - Mary J. Blige

Friday, October 3, 2008

Can't Hold a Candle to the JET

I was talking to one of my lovebugs the other day, D-Moneyyy, and we were conferencing about the unveiling of my blog and the maturation of MIKE VITAR (who, bt dubs hasn’t yet hit the BIG 3-0! After alla that!). And homegirl had these pearls of wisdom to share:

It’s not like he turned out that bad. I mean, he’s no RALPH MACCHIO. Now, that’s a lost cause.


Firstly, can I just say how much I love how my friends are so on top of their shit! Loves it, D!!! Such a throwback, aimed to perfection!

Secondly, to give ya’ll a refresher course, Ralph Macchio was the star of the ORIGINAL KARATE KID (that is, pre-Hilary Swank). He was just so adorable in all the right ways, athletic AND working hard to achieve a goal, with Pat Morita, and most importantly, AGAINST ALL ODDS.

Damn. So good. So wholesomely good.

This is how Ralph turned out:

Dizzamn. Do we agree with D- Money?

also - there have been rumors that CHUCK NORRIS was supposed to be in this film as the evil John Kreese. wow. can you imagine the pop culture repercussions of such casting!?

Action Jackson!

Poppin that cherry.
What kind of nostalgia blog would this be, if it didn't include recurring and permanent mentions of the epic JACKSON FAMILY. I love the Jacksons, from top to bottom, front to back. I love how crazy they are, how they all look strangely similar even after all of their plastic surgery pursuits, how fiercely loyal (except for LaToya!) they are to each other's crazy! It's such good stuff. EPIC.

Every week, I'm gonna offer a head to head video challenge for the two Jackson Titans. Sorry 3T (re: Tito's kids, "Anything" 1995 international R&B hit). This is all about Michael and Janet.

So. for the first ever ACTION JACKSON post, I offer my two favorite vidz! Now, these might be a little too mainstream for you hard core Jacksonites (esp. those that I have subjected to my MJ #1's dvd on too many an occasion), but we start big and then move into the obscure. enjoy!

Music Videos by VideoCure

Music Videos by VideoCure

  • check out the cameo by Michael DeLorenzo of NY Undercover fame as a dancer in MJ's Vid.
  • Eddie Van Halen was the guitar soloist for Beat It, but refused to appear in the video because he "didn't think it was a hit." Herb.
  • also - love janets tight black vest/pants look. she fly
  • i had never seen the full version of the "if" video. awk racial representations happening... hm.

thats it lovelyz. you're welcome!

how did you get here??

nobody's supposed to be here!

ps. count the amount of times she says "no"... i dare you.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Give it that extra umph

I had one of these....

Did you?
The possibilities are endless.
Just Ask Lenny