Friday, October 3, 2008

Can't Hold a Candle to the JET

I was talking to one of my lovebugs the other day, D-Moneyyy, and we were conferencing about the unveiling of my blog and the maturation of MIKE VITAR (who, bt dubs hasn’t yet hit the BIG 3-0! After alla that!). And homegirl had these pearls of wisdom to share:

It’s not like he turned out that bad. I mean, he’s no RALPH MACCHIO. Now, that’s a lost cause.


Firstly, can I just say how much I love how my friends are so on top of their shit! Loves it, D!!! Such a throwback, aimed to perfection!

Secondly, to give ya’ll a refresher course, Ralph Macchio was the star of the ORIGINAL KARATE KID (that is, pre-Hilary Swank). He was just so adorable in all the right ways, athletic AND working hard to achieve a goal, with Pat Morita, and most importantly, AGAINST ALL ODDS.

Damn. So good. So wholesomely good.

This is how Ralph turned out:

Dizzamn. Do we agree with D- Money?

also - there have been rumors that CHUCK NORRIS was supposed to be in this film as the evil John Kreese. wow. can you imagine the pop culture repercussions of such casting!?


Linde said...

oh man, Ralph is not looking so good. I think to resurrect his career he should take a page from Scott Baio (pre-Single and 40) and like guest star on 30 Rock as a possible love interest for Tina Fey like Scott was for Portia deRossi on Arrested Development...or play Benjamin Bratt's brother in things

Jillian said...

yes, Linde! YES!

also, I would like to note that my word verification right now is "spooge" talk about a flashback. I haven't heard that word since the back of the bus in he 7th grade.