Sunday, December 7, 2008

Today's Special is.... Moms!

Hey friends!
So I'm finally back, after a full 2 week hiatus. I just needed a break from the blog... I was getting really irritated at how the media I was posting became defunct after a few days. I didn't feel like I had enough energy to re-find all of the brilliant photos of Fred Durst or Tina Turner, youtube clips of the Backstreet Boys triumphant if short return to TRL... Urghs. It's too annoying.

Anywho, what brings me back 2 da blog is my dear friend, Lady Aisha Domingue, mother-to-be. This is not her sole identity (dancer, youth organizer, activist, comedian etc etc), but I am super excited that one little bundle of joy will have the pleasure of being raised, loved and humanized by this amazing woman!!! I'm so bummed because I missed Aisha's baby shower yesterday, though my day was spent with my own remarkable mother, helping her pack and get her shiz together for a trip to the motherland. I miss you, Ma!!

Aisha and I worked together last summer and we truly are kindred spirits when it comes to pop culture, hence the full blog post dedicated to her, and all my love!!! I approached her with one of my ultimate pop culture challenges, and she delivered!!

I distinctly remembered being addicted to this one Nickelodeon show when I was really young like... a year old... I couldn't remember the name of the characters or even the title... all I had in my arsenal of memory was that it took place in a department store... there was a mouse puppet that was prominently featured, and a mannequin of a young man with curly voluminous hair and a newsie-eque cap that came alive at night, but became immobile if he ever lost his hat... So elaborate, so many details, but none that were relevant.

Aisha was the only person EVER in my life who knew what I was talking about! Trust that your girl has been asking around for years... anywho, she had a few hunches and following her leads, conducting a smatter of Google searches we found

A children's tv show set in Canada that was aired in from 1982-1987... the main premise was each night when the display designer would arrive in the children's department, she would utter the magical words: Hocus Pocus Allimagocus! And Jeff, the aforementioned mannequin would come alive and hysterical chaos would ensue. Watch the intro!

YAY! Success! Because of AD, I have acheived peace of mind and soul with regards to this moment in my life! It's actually kind of a huge deal.

Beyond that, both of us share a love of Steve Perry and Arnel Pineda (Journey's current lead singer, plucked from coverband prominence into the real deal... a dream come TRUE!) and a stiff critique of Alicia Keys' reliance on corny cliches and high school level emotions to produce hit singles... but that is neither here nor there.

Anyway you want it That's the way you need it Anyway you want it She said That's the way you need it!!

Congrats, Aisha!