Thursday, October 9, 2008

Action Jackson Thursday!

Its that time of the week, lovers! ACTION JACKSON time! So last week we featured "Beat It" by Michael and "If" by Janet, and this week, as a special favor to one of the loves of my life, J. Chesley B., I have decided to feature Janet's very own "Rhythm Nation"!!!

Now one would think the appeal of the song/video is its promotion and urging toward societal unity and working toward social justice. And on some real shiz, racial unity and harmony among nations and in promise of "looking for a better way of life" doesn't sound all that bad, now does it? Chessles and I agree however, that besides the B&W badass choreography and fierce costuming, the real draw of the video is when Ms. J commands the listeners to "Sing it up!"holla! Slash the dance breaks about 3 and then 4 min are pretty fly.

Also, see if you can spot cameo by Tyrin Turner of Menace II Society fame.

Now, which MJ is comparable enough for a head to head? I considered putting one of Michael's many social commentary jams to compare with janet's call for cultural harmony... but poss Earth song is too intense for the beginnings of my blog. Maybe one that emphasizes the dancing aspect? Nah. Rhythm Nation was the title track of the LEGENDARY album that spawned are you ready for this? SEVEN TOP FIVE SINGLES!!! Who does that? She fly.

So which one of MJ's albums is like that? hmm...

When I was younger, I would go to these Bengali family picnics, and there would be this crew of dudes, and one toward the back (the funny, pudgy one... the one i probz had the crush on! whatchu know about that?) would carry a boom box on his shoulders blasting this particular album...

and i remember thinking. Wow that shit is old. LOSERS. It wasn't until years later and I revisted THRILLER that I realized how truly genius it is. Anyway, I won't say too too much about the video, we've all (hopefully) seen it. I just recently shared the video with my adorable 11 yr old cousin who only had one thing to say:

"Whoa. Where did you find this??"

MJ's creative aptitude is a miracle of its own...
1) Where is Ola Ray these days? She's hot stuff!
2) Scary music by Elmer Bernstein... I watched this animated biology video in 10th grade, and he composed music for that too!
3) The dancers were so well (over?) rehearsed, that you know that part when they all jump at the same time? If you pause the video at precisely that moment, you can draw a straight line under all of them. Thats crazy.

Sorry Chris Brown. You can try, but you'll never be able to recreate the eveeeel of the Thriller!

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