Saturday, October 4, 2008

don't need no hateration, holleration

In this aftermath of graduation, I’ve really been trying to unearth the things that make me feel happy and good, solid yet powerful enough to move. And musically, this has drawn me back to Mary J. Blige.

1994 Mary. Holla!

Mmmm some of that shiyet is Just. So. Good. This is Mary before she sampled the theme song from Young and the Restless and made up words for lyricslets get it percolatin it why you waitin so jus dance for me?”

Also way before she was just fine fine fine fine fine fine fine fine!

Just fine fine fine fine fine!

This was Mary at her life’s lowest. Drug addicted and new to fame and fortune. Her music relationship with Puffy (now: PDiddy) ending and her life getting away from her. I watched a lot of Behind the Music in my day.

Anyway. Mary J. Blige’s album “My Life” is so beautifully real, and raw. It is the output of a woman who’s falling but trying to fight gravity to keep herself alive long enough to get her message out, and hopefully and thankfully, come back up and out, happy and strong. Sometimes, the lyrics don’t even have to be desolate or sad to get across the breadth of emotional weight that someone is carrying on their own. Just listen to her voice. Shit is deep! Mary J.’s popularity and her talent is rooted out of her uncompromising and sortof mindblowing conviction, as an artist, and as a creator. I love her. Mary, U Bring Me Joy!

U Bring Me Joy - Mary J. Blige