Monday, October 13, 2008

Promas Jefferson says...

Its been a busy week(end) for your girl. I apologize for the slacking in blog postage, but thats not to say that I don't love ya!

Forget Me Nots (Single Version) - Patrice Rushen

To prove how loyal I am to you, the three people that read my blog (hi wifey!), I have decided to honor the call for completion of the My Quirks survey, which Jillian over at the mindblowingly awesome Trendology has tagged me for! This is my first survey since seventh grade, friends, and i hope it iZn'T 2 boRiNg 4 U!

1) I love eating steak and cheese sandwiches.
and I will do so, any time of day, any day of the week. Just ask various forepersons in the cart cuisine industry... (my fave is on the corner of 15th St. and 8th Ave from my Sadie Nash days!) holla!

2) I'm really particular about my eyeliner. Ya'll that know me know that I never really leave the house feeling 100% unless I'm wearing my black liquid eyeliner. Over the years, I've expanded my arsenal of makeupping,to include pencils and varying shades of blues, greens and violets. But the only thing that makes me feel totes comfy and happy and norm is Maybelline Water-Proof Lineworks liner in Black . Its something about the shape of the applicator I think... but its perfection. (much like this photo of my boo, yokasta! gorgeous!)

3) I get really into sports. I definitely have zero athletic ability. But I periodically become obsessed obsessed with watching team sports and players. There have been some embarrassing ones in the past (Allen Iverson, Cristiano Ronaldo, etc.) but I have been known to defend them hardbody, until I come upon indefensible actions. For Iverson, it wasn't the ball hogging, but the holding his wife up at gunpoint that did it for me. And for Ronaldo, it wasn't the diving so much as the inexcusable addiction to the tanning that he clearly has. Homeboy is practically purple! yikes!
4) Okay, I know I said I love steak and cheese sandwiches, but I have an issue with eating messy foods. They make me feel self conscious. I hate biting into foods... even tiny little bits of heaven like cupcakes make me nervous. Womp (x3)5) I have a fear that my love for guilty pleasures has taken over, and has now morphed into my TASTE. When "The Cutting Edge" (the ultimate love/skate relationship) fails to be an embarrassing feel good release movie and becomes my legit fave, thats when I know I've broken. Until then... listening to Lisa Lisa's "All Cried Out" is a joke, not a real way to get over a break-up... right?!

6) This might be a dealbreaker for some of you. So I'm a little hesitant to divulge this information. But my disclaimer is as follows: THIS IS A PHENOM OF THE PAST! It is not my current state of being! The truth is, when I was younger, I had a thick phobia of Prince. It was when he was "The Artist," and there was something about his makeup, the uncomfortably focused eye-contact and high falsetto that freaked me out, I think. I think this was a case of some serious self-hate, because as we know from my aforementioned quirk, I totes invoke the ARTIST when applying my makeup each day, and Ralphie T. is my fave member of New Edition on account of the falsetto. That doesn't explain the eye-contact though. It was "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World" video in specific...

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I hope this doesn't discredit my love/musings on the world of pop culture for you. I can and do appreciate Prince for his genius! I really do!

(because the only other blogs I follow are ones that have been tagged in this particular survey, it ends here with me!) love love