Thursday, October 16, 2008

Doppelganging During the Deb8

Who watched the debate last night?? The past few have been intensely scary for me to watch, because no matter how correctly my man Obamz pronounces "Pakistan," it doesn't change what he's saying about what he wants to do there. And the delusions that support John McCain's candidacy and his followers are beyond my comprehension. But some very good points about health care and the economy were brought to light by Mr. B.O., as well as trying to take the higher road in campaigns that have become particularly nasty. Beyond that, this time around, I was into Bob Schieffer's ability to ask candid and pointed questions without getting lost in time reminders a la Mr. Brokaw, and guide a fluid debate.

Also, he gave me the perfect opportunity for some split screenage:

Yes. Bob Schieffer looks like Dr. Frasier (and Niles! Don't sleep on the younger bro!) Crane's lovable, huggable, retired-cop-in-Seattle-with-the-gross-chair father, Martin Crane, as played by John Mahoney.

I gotta agree with my one of my fellow debate watchers, Adele, in the wish to catch a glimpse of Eddie, poss running up to one of the candidates with a doggy toy in his mouth, maybe shaped like a golden wrench, as a plumber making $250,000 a year might carry... hm.


Linde said...

But I don't know what to do with my tossed salad and scrambled eggs...

They callin' again!

Parallel Adele said...

frasier gives me the creeps.

Trendology said...