Monday, February 9, 2009

Wanderin' Down This Road That We Call Life...

So last week, in an effort to cheer up a friend perishing in the boredom of her return to academia... i sent a text that articulated a question that has been long pondered in my mind:

Eric Matthews or Shawn Hunter?

And I'm talking about in all the ways. Who makes your heart aflutter? Who can you tolerate more? Who would you do!?

For all of you who weren't Boy Meets World-heads in your past... i feel you. My interest was spotty at best, over the years. There was a definite shift in the character development and plotlines after the first few seasons. But the biggest heartbreak for me was the disappearance of the quirky opening credits and transitional music used throughout the episodes. Also Minkus (Later found on One Tree Hill)!

Anywayyy, back to Eric or Shawn. Will Friedle was a cutie, no doubt. Especially during the first season, when he had the shorter hairdo and was just the sensible, if mainstream older bro. And with each progressive season... he became increasingly insane and stupid... it was so overwhelming and borderline unbearable. whoa! mayb my language about this is getting too strong, but i feel very passionately against where they took that character. he just got so cray cray. and i'm not really into crazy. and that high pitched voice that he used to do. yikes. bad news bears! Remember when he used to date Jennifer LOVE?! The only thing that tickles my heart when thinking about Eric Matthews... is that Will Friedle provided the voice for Terry McGinnis is Batman Beyond... and you know my love for the Caped Crusader.

In later years, Matthew Lawrence was brought in to fulfill that sortof teen heartthrob sitch... fresh from his stint on Super Human Samurai Syber-Squad! (not a typo. whatchu know about that!?) He was for the most part fly... and not as short as he looks on tv, FYI. And for extra chuckles, hit up that Google and find a pic of his younger bro/co-star on Brotherly love (also with big bro JOEY "whoa!"), Andy Lawrence. Props to Lindeloo and Jbillzo for identifying his much older doppelganger for the future...

Oh no! Tangent! Back to the inquiry at hand! Shawn Hunter was my choice! Hands down! Hands down! He was about SO much more! He was deep and angsty, seeping with his soulfulness and family dramz, trying to fit in with the Matthews family and all of their Leave it to Beaver dramz. Remember when the hotshot mullethead, Mr. Turner, came through and tried to "turn" Shawn's life around?? haha. EPIC HUMOR FAIL! Also, the key to my heart... Shawn's love for women of color. Holla! I'll always remember the episode where he dumped angela to keep up with his "2wks only rule," only to find a purse whose contents (including a book of poetry. swoonz) would indicate the owner was his soulmate... Obvz Angela. Rider Strong aged decently too - though poss grew into a jacked up Jeremy Sisto. Rollin with da homiez...


Said friend opted for a third candidate:

Whoaz! I'd rather Mr. Feeny!

PS. Let me not go without stating that: Topanga was always fly. I love me some curvy women on TV during their teenage years, that was probs mad difficult and crazy awkward. Get it Girl!!!


Jillian said...

i am not ashamed.
and you would NOT rather do feeny

Cecil said...

big L O L at mr. turner. also, i really like eric and his unending craziness. i remember i had just moved from my old town to where i am now and feeling really sad that i left my friends behind. but i think i was even more sad that boy meets world was ending. i forget what year that was. i really loved that show.

jo said...

hands down shawn! hands down! you and me prom.

also, is it incredibly embarrassing to admit that i watched the super human samurai syber squad? it was all about middle lawrence. i also lost count how many times i watched mrs. doubtfire, so there.

Linde said...

I am happy that you reminded me that Will and JLH used to date. I totally forgot about that and then remembered how there was that Scream-themed Boy Meets World that she showed up in. She has led an interesting dating life...Carson, the dude from LFO...I think there is some sort of consistent type happening. I saw Trojan War too. 3 times.

That girl said...

I'm just shocked that someone else remembers super human samurai syber squad. that was VR troopers, right?

Anonymous said...

Aw, Cory was cute in a dorky way. My answer -- Shawn by far, by the way. I never thought about Eric in that way, he's was too inane for me to even acknowledge his looks, lol.

"Shawn's love for women of color."

Umm .. he only went out with one black girl on the show. Beside her and the other teacher from the earlier seasons, they were the only black people on the show. But yeah, that was his main shorty ;) She was prettier than Topanga. No shade.

dead @ Mr. Turner's jheri curl.