Tuesday, February 24, 2009

4 Non Blondes

Can't help it. Part II.

So upon deeper exploration, I found that one of my favorite Blondie songs is actually a COVER!

The Tide is High is not an original Blondie production!! It's actually a song written by John Holt in 1967, for his band, The Paragons!

The Tide Is High - The Paragons

According to wikipedia, "the song... was popular in Jamaica and became popular amongst West Indians and skinheads in the UK when a deejay version by U-Roy was released in 1971."

West Indians and SKINHEADS...

Cray (x2). I'd like to know more. And yet, from where can I garner such information? Where did wikipedia generate such knowledge?? I'd like to know!

What about the song's lyrical content and melody appeal to these two (distinct?) populations of peoples...

It's not the things you do, that really hurts me bad
But it's the way you do the things, you do to me
I'm not the kinda man who gives up just like that oh no

So then... in 1980, Blondie jazzed it up, and reached an audience beyond solely West Indians and skinheads apparently, and went straight to Number Uno on the Billboard Hot 100!


Anywhooo... Blondie hasn't been immune to thirsty fans and tribute covers. Slash sampling and interpolations! Holla!

Check these girls out. My South Asian sisters, covering Blondie's 1999 comeback single, "Maria"!!! I know the audio is a bit spotty, but its totes worth it, to see these ladies killin it!

And the thing that brought me back to "The Tide is High" in the first place... a reggae song by Kardinal Offishal just released this past Oct. called "Numba 1 (The Tide is High)." It appears that Kardinal tried on many leading ladies to sing the hook and bridge on this sortof addictive track, including Nicole Scherzinger from the Pussycat Dolls and our fave tonedeaf but beautiful belle, Rihanna. My fave is definitely the one that made it to the official single... KERI HILSON: fierce, talented, and so gorg! I'm like, kiiiindof obsessed with her. Love it! Love her.

The thing I DON'T love about this song are the whack lyrics! "she just my trophy piece or me hot, hot gal/never ever would I call her mrs. Offishall /never ever would I bring her around my fam /she be cryin' on the phone when she knows who I am." LAME SAUCE WOMPZ

Hey Kardinal - stop being a misogynistic jackass and put somethin out there that we can respect! In the meantime, I will fast forward to the parts that feature Ms. Hilton, all the while wishing that the song was hers and hers alone!

Numba 1 (Tide Is High) feat. Keri Hilson - Kardinal Offishall

And because the title of this post was a shout out to Linda Perry's finest:

haaaayaaaayayaaayaya. I said hey! What's goin on!


jo said...

throwing the wikipedia atcha (because you asked! only because you asked!)..

the original skinheads were from the u.k. and not at all what we think "skinhead" means today.

and contrary to popular belief they span a wide range of the political spectrum

and i am so sad i know the history of ska so well to have made that connection instantly. blame the days of my youth.

Steven said...

What a great post! there's so much history we didn't know about...i always think it's cray (X2) when my favorite songs turn out to be covers...and then an international hate group turns out to be a fashionable subculture from Britain that modeled itself on American and British R&B bands and West-Indie music and clothing...Whoa! Ironers...

Melanie Bin said...


best use of all caps ever.

Promiti said...

thanks josephine! SCHOOLED!