Sunday, October 5, 2008

Undercover Brotherz Tryna Holla

Do ya’ll remember New York Undercover? Michael DeLorenzo and Malik Yoba were undercover detectives for the NYPD and were always finding themselves in disturbing and elaborate criminal schemes. I remember watching the show, but I don’t remember actually caring about it. It wasn’t a sick addiction like Law and Order: SVU became for me, during my last years in high school. Maybe it was the lack of consistent marathoning that prevented that from happening.

A couple years ago, my friend Ngozi and I friended Michael DeLorenzo on MySpace and he accepted!! Michael DeLorenzo is apparently trying out his luck as a pop sensation now so… good luck with that, Mike!

Noteworthy: NYUndercover was the first American police drama to feature two people of color in lead roles. And it lasted for longer than a year! Holla! I guess people were really committed to the life and work of Julius Clarence “JC” Williams and partner Eduardo “Eddie” Torres. Delish.

From a previous post, ya’ll already know that Michael used to be a dancer. He totes held his own with the King of Pop as a dancing gangbanger in the epic music video, “Beat It.” Love his muscle tee! And pirouettes! He was also the object of drama, Private Santiago, in one of my fave guilty pleasure courtroom dramas, “A Few Good Men (1992)” with Tom Cruise (I want the truth!) and Jack Nicholson (YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!), Demi Moore, and cameos by Noah Wylie (ER blog post coming soon!) and the ubiquitous KEVIN BACON!

Now, the other dude, Malik Yoba (I should totes friend him on MySpace too. hm) … I unfortunately haven't kept up so much with his career. My aforementioned friend, Ngozi (who has great New York Undercover celeb luck!) had an interaction with Mr. Yoba when she was living here in Fort Greene, recently before she peaced to OR.

It seems that the ashy lipped homeboy stopped the strikingly attractive Ms. Gozanne on the street and said, “I’m sorry but… do I know you?”

Now Malik, we know she’s magnetic and all, but you really need to stop tryin to act like the real question you were asking wasn’t…

“Do you know ME?”


Womp (x3).


Trendology said...

oh shit, how you gonna call dude ashy lipped. that's cold son

Caro said...

Ashy Lips? Womp,Womp for reals. I recall him being in "Why Did I Get Married?" alongside Ms. Jackson. He wasn't looking that as ashy as you strategically pointed out.

Anonymous said...

like anybody cares what you think, I hope you are from New York, because if you are from the Midwest or Down South, I could care less what your inbred, dog fucking ass thinks, have fun running from the KKK, in New York Black People and Latinos run the show, period. We don't ask white people what to do we tell them what to do, with that said, this is/was the most popular detective show in the mid 90's in New York, it was so gritty and street that everyone in NY could relate to it.

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Anonymous said...

you bitch whine moan and grumble about this show,
Well here are the facts: The ratings on this show was so high in its prime that it was one of the most popular shows in NYC.

The two actors you talk about, Michael De Lorenzo, and Malik Yoba are multi millionaires.

You are a piece of crap that is a nobody and has a sorry ass blog that from what I saw only had a pathetic 15 views, if you want to get more views you should give your address, or an area where someone can see you and you pay them 20$ for a blowjob.